The story of Anis Sardar

‘A man who’s love and compassion for others sent ripples of positivity in the local community, always assisting those in distress and great difficulty with an absolute commitment to values of justice, empathy, community cohesion, and the rule of law’.  This is how Anis Sardar, 38, has been described by others.  A British born London […]

Anis Sardar’s Daughter Sends him a Eid Message

Anis Sardar’s daughter, Arwa, has sent a eid card to him. The front shows a heart with the word “Abi” in the center. Her message to him was “Eid Mubarak Abi. Come home soon!” This eid will be the first of many that Anis Sardar will be away from his family & friends.

UK courts need to be educated about Islam, says Birmingham Six lawyer

Tracy McVeigh A British black-cab driver who was sentenced to 38 years for a murder during the Iraq war should never have been prosecuted, according to the lawyer who helped overturn some of Britain’s most notorious miscarriages of justice. The trial of Anis Sardar at Woolwich crown court in May is an example of how British [...]

Why Anis Sardar was convicted in UK

How can a man who helped make bombs in a foreign war end up on trial in a British court? Anis Sardar, a 38-year-old black cab driver from Wembley, London, has been convicted of his role in making an improvised explosive device that blew up a US Army patrol, near Baghdad, in 2007. The blast [...]